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Yes! It's Mark Aceves
Yes! It's Mark Aceves
Yes! It's Mark Aceves
Yes! It's Mark Aceves
Yes! It's Mark Aceves


Thanks Steve.

The past month has shaken the tech world with a number of major events but probably the most significant has been the passing of Steve Jobs. Everyone has an opinion on the man, good or bad, but I don’t want to focus on any of that. I really just want to say thanks. I’ve been a Mac user and fan for a long time, yes, but it really wasn’t until the last few years that the contributions or enrichment of my life have been multiplied by Apple’s products.

For starters, my band and I released an album last year, that was recorded not in a Recording Studio but on a Mac, using Garageband. Garageband is an extremely powerful recording tool and it comes free with your Mac. It’s easy, intuitive and lots of fun. We saved ourselves thousands of dollars doing it ourselves. Additionally, our album is available worldwide by being in the iTunes catalog. No longer is a band bound by physical distribution. Anyone, anywhere with a connection can get our album. We are global. Without having left California.

We are also able to create music videos that can rival those on the music channels. Final Cut Pro puts video editing and effects in your hands and like Garageband, it is easy to learn and intuitive enough for most novices to be able to pick up. This used to be restricted to big bands with big budgets. Now anyone can do it and the limit is your imagination.

I am also able to manage my photo collection and am able to easily organize and assemble them into different types of projects. I use iPhoto to make calendars, cards and coffee table books every year of my daughter and her growth for our own keepsake purposes and also for our families. Doing this 15 years ago would have been time consuming and costly. Now I do it all online and at my leisure.

These are just a few examples of how the work of Steve Jobs has affected my life directly, and I think many of you have similar stories. Heck I didn’t even mention how the iPhone has changed my life. But ultimately, I think the lasting legacy of Steve Jobs is going to be that he has given the power to all of us to be more creative, to pursue that creativity in as many ways possible and to be empowered to do it yourself. All you need is your Mac and your imagination.

Thank you Steve. You will be missed.

Facebook vs. LinkedIn or “This town’s not big enough for the both of us.”

What with LinkedIn's more than stellar IPO this past week, I'm forced to ask myself the big question: Is there room enough for both Facebook and LinkedIn to co-exist without stepping on each others toes? Can they both continue to be profitable and innovative without ultimately running headlong into each other? Let's take a look at both networks, their missions →

Full circle, back to vinyl.

I remember as a kid and teenager, going to the record store and buying records, and then returning home with them to spend the evening listening to them, reading the liner notes, and studying the album art. I did that for a long time even during the advent of cassette tapes and CD's, but somewhere around 15 years ago, I →

New music or at least music that is new to me!

Funny thing... I've bought more music lately than I have over the past year or two. Not sure why, maybe I'm just bored with my 500+ GB? Ha, doubtful. I think that I am just trying to spread the good karma and contribute towards artists I like. So here are my latest recommendations: Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel - Soundtrack to →

A Change Is Gonna Come….

In the immortal words of the great Sam Cooke, "A Change Is Gonna Come", and some would argue it's already here. What I'm referring to is the current state of the music industry. Last week in New York was the New Music Seminar, and while I didn't go myself, I was able to follow alot of the conversation via multiple →

the slow, painful death of IE6

This is a good week for me. I have given my company a solid business case to officially stop supporting IE6 for our public facing sites. I've waited a very long time for this moment and for well over a year I have been faithfully checking our Omniture and Google Analytics stats each month, watching the IE6 usage numbers decline. →

Fat, Thin, Fat: My Weight Loss Hell Ride

It took me a while to figure out what I was going to call this post being that there are so many mixed emotions wrapped around this subject matter for me, but in the end I figured "How to lose 100 pounds and then gain it all back" was a bit too long. So here is a condensed version of →

This business of music.

The music industry is dead. Long live the music industry. Unless you've been asleep or uninterested the past ten years you have to have noticed a major change in how you purchase music. Ten years ago I was an avid music collector who spent hours combing my way through record shops. Today, 90% of my purchases are done online, either →

Balance, grasshopper

When I was taking Kung Fu, one thing my master always insisted upon was not just physical balance but mental/spiritual balance. When I had first started studying Kung Fu I was really excited about it and wanted to quit my other activities to focus solely on it. I was even considering quitting my band, and when I discussed this with →

What makes a team work?

I went to lunch today with my good friend Kevin Hague who used to be on my team at work. He was telling me about this book he is reading called X-Teams. It's basically about how teams work in a corporate setting and how teams in a traditional sense sometimes fall short of maximum effectiveness due to the nature of →

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